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The Tales were True

Welcome to Alwion, a land where the Tales are True…and few things are what they seem.

The Tales were True is a 300+ page 5th Edition Supplement intended for GMs and players of all ages and experience levels and includes a complete campaign setting covering levels 1 – 14 . Made for fans of high fantasy & British Isles folklore. it features new classes, playable races, expanded foraging & crafting (based on real historical items!) and much, much more.

“So many ways a lot of the encounters can go, with a very well thought out vibrant world setting. The more I learn in Alwion and Elphame, the more I want to continue to play!” — Roxy, Playtester

Alwion is an alternate version of the British Isles, encompassing what we know of as England, Wales, and Scotland. While similar in many ways to our world, in this land, magic abounds and the tales but whispered of in our world are all real. It is a place where the Fair Folk mingle with normal mortals, often offering up bargains that seem too good to be true (and probably are). 

Fairy Godmothers. Brownies. Travelling Witches. Golden Egg Laying Geese. Jenny Greenteeth. Enchanted Animals. Goblin Merchants. Apple Eating Lazy Lawrences. Buttery Spirits. Roland the Farter. True Thomas. Herne the Hunter. A Frog Prince. Silver Tongued Bards. Sleeping Giants...and so much more.

Join Us For…

New Guilds & Organisations. Join and rise up the ranks (or pit yourself against) one or more of the new factions and guilds around the land as you gain their Trust and respect. Unlock additional encounters or special items and boons as you play.

Custom Battlemaps. Custom Battlemaps and tokens for every location! Easy to import into the VTT of your choice.

New Creatures. Over 50 new folktale-inspired creature stat blocks (both obscure and well-known) to fight or befriend.

Find and Collect the 13 Treasures of Britain! Unique new magical items based on the mystical and wondrous items of the land’s past.

Foraging and Crafting. Collect components and recipes based on real-life herbal remedies and concoctions to help your character overcome obstacles (or poison your enemies) with over 40+ foragable items in more than 10 harvestable areas.

New Playable Races. Play as a mystical dryad, enigmatic Fair Folk, a hagchild, or a range of half-giants, each with their own special abilities and allegiances.

Folktale Narratives. Add depth to your character when you choose one of the new folktale narrative options, such as the Hedgewitch, Changeling, or Hidden Royal. Used in addition to your background or in place of it, these epic paths fully immerse you in the world of Alwion.

The Wereblooded. Play (or protect yourself from) an expanded set of lycanthrope types, utilising a Moon Phase system that affects your shifting abilities as a werebadger, werebeaver, weredeer, wereotter, wererabbit, and weretoad.

Historical Hooks. Learn about the historical links, real-life characters and actual folk tales the encounters and creatures are based on with sidebars throughout the campaign. Perfect for history buffs or to tie into school curriculum if running a TTRPG Club at a school or library.